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Water Extension

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Sewer Extension


Proir to extending our Sewerage Services, the following steps are undertaken:

  • Site survey is carried out where the demand and the number of people is determined for that specific area. The distance to the trunk main is also measured.
  • A detailed report is made followed by the profile drawing
  • If the extension is posiible then the designs are made and material ordered for work to begin
  • If it is not workable then the company advise on the best methods to use to dispose waste


The customer requests the water extension to Nawasco Office
The GIS team is communicated to and a team is sent to determine the size of the pipe needed, the location and the number of customers to be served
A detailed report is prepared and the maintanance team is sent on ground t determine the pressure and the flow rate
Once approved, then preparation of laying the pipes is done

Maintanance Services

Water Bursts/Leakage

Sewer Unblockage/Maintanance


  • call
    We receive a report of a leak, either from our customers or from our line patrollers. From the customer we input the leak details to Majivoice and forward the information to the relevant office. For Line Patrollers each has a GPS Gadget which is used to map the loaction of the leak

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    A technician will then attend to investigate the nature of the leak, so as to request the materials needed for repair and a maintanance team is assembled immediately to fix the leak

  • multiline_chart
    Every week our GIS officer does an analysis to determine the area with the highest leak recording


  • For Sewer Unblockage, The customer reports the blockage to Nawasco Offices within 24 hours

  • The complain is received at the customer service desk and details entered into Complaint system Majivoice where a ticket is generated.

  • Within less than an hour the unbloackage team is communicated to and they visit the location

  • The issue is sorted and the team reports back to the office for the ticket to be updated and closed