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Nawasco Projects

Katheri Nyariginu Water Project

>>Laying 22.323 km of UPVC pipes of various diameters.
>>Construction of 1 no elevated steel tank
>>Construction of 1 sanitation block for a school.

Majengo- Thingithu Water Project UPC7

>>Laying of 23.3 km of pipeline and installation of the associated appurtenances
>>Construction of 1 no water kiosk

Sewer Extension

>>Extension of Mutahi Line
>>Extension of Kiunjuri Line

Njoguini Water Project

>>Pipeline extension 7km

Nturukuma Borehole Project

>>Borehole driling and laying of pipelines of various diameters(Yield 125m3/hr at 150m)

Njoguini borehole project

>>Drilling, equipping and laying of distribution network (yield 40m3/hr at 125m)

UBSUP Project

>>Construction of 224 household toilets in low income areas. Branding and labeling of all 224 toilets

SNV/KMT Project

>>Customer survey and data collection. Installation and monitoring of DMA meters