NAWASCO has a full treatment water supply infrastructure with a capacity of 14,650 m3 /day but operating at 12,000m3 /day. Apart from pumping to a handful of customers upstream of the water treatment works, the facility is in general a gravity system.

Water storage capacity is approx 8,200M3 /D which is about 60% of daily water demand estimated at 13,805 1 m3 /day. The facility has approx 8,500 connections.

On average, access to safe water within NAWASCO region is estimated at 83% which is a good achievement compared with a NWSS (2015) target of 80%. However the target for Vision 2030 is 100% coverage.

The town is served by a conventional biological waste water treatment ponds (lagoons) facility, capable of treating approx 1,965 m3 /day.

The waste water facility has approx 35km of sewer lines network. There are approx 4,175 sewerage connections serving approx 20% of the population while the rest of the population is served through on-site sanitation (pit latrines, septic tanks, etc).

The average safe sanitation coverage within NAWASCO region is estimated at 98%. Out of this, sewerage coverage is estimated at 20% within the urban area, which is much lower than a NWSS(2015) target of 77.5%. However the target for Vission 2030 is 100% coverage;

Water Treatment Works
  • 2 wier dams
  • 2 row water mains
  • 7 tanks - 8,000m3
  • 10,000 connections
Sewer Treatment Works :
  • Sewer Connections - 4870
  • Sewer Networks - 40Kms
  • Server Ponds Treatment Capacity - 2,650m3 / D
  • Retention Time - 101 days