NAWASCO is a water service provider, contracted by Northern Water Services Board to provide water supply and sanitation services within Nanyuki Municipal Area and its environs under the current Water Act 2002. This arrangement came into effect on 6th June 2006. The NWSB in turn leased these assets to NAWASCO in accordance with the Act.


To be the leading company in provision of affordable, good quality, adequate and reliable water and sewerage services in Kenya.


Enhancing access to clean and safe water and sewerage services through professional practices, provision of affordable reliable and high quality services to consumers.


Provision of water and sanitation services, Ensuring good customer relations and sensitization; Adequate maintenance of assets and reaching performance level set by regulation. Development of county assets for water service provision.

The strategic objectives to realize the core mandate are:

  • To increase water production by 7,000 m3 per day
  • To increase improved water services to a total 0f 121,500 people
  • Institutional strengthening